From book to booked: write your school-visit sales page in an hour

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From book to booked: write your school-visit sales page in an hour


Do you want a school-visit web page that leads to enquiries for school visits?

Are you wondering what to offer and whether to talk about price?

Is SEO a mystery to you?

Are you worried about sounding too ‘salesy’ while needing to make a living?

There is an art to writing a good sales page for your school visits.

'Getting an insight into what schools and teachers need, how to find this information for each school and how to address their needs was eye-opening.'

— Josie Dom, author, on Taking Your Book To School

When I was a school librarian, I rarely booked an author for a school visit based on a cold email. One of the things that I did was to go online to search for something specific.

This means that you need to be visible and your sales page needs to include the right information and messaging to convert interest into enquiries.

Once you’ve done it, your sales page can sit neatly on your website and do much of this work for you, so it’s worth getting it right.

'A big barrier for me has been knowing what I can offer. I would say that the materials and the knowledge of how to connect your book to learning has been the biggest benefit of the course.'

— Mikey O'Crikey, poet, on Taking Your Book To School

Join me for an in-depth workshop when I will teach you how to write a school-visit page that speaks to teachers without compromising your own voice. After all, you are a writer and this is an opportunity to showcase your craft.

This session is formatted like a module on Taking Your Book To School® so it’s an ideal taster for the annual course. It's also recorded so that you can watch on replay if you prefer.

You get a workbook, which we will work through together during the session, looking at what to include and what you can leave out. By the end, you will have written a draft sales page that shows teachers your value, which you can then polish for your website.

I will also give you a checklist for basic SEO that you can do yourself to increase your visibility.

'Just attended one of Isobel's workshops and it was incredibly useful. We did the work during the workshop so no passively learning and then adding lots to your To Do list afterwards. We were working on understanding the teachers we would market our books towards and although I have worked in schools for years, Isobel's deep knowledge really made me think about it from lots of different angles. I definitely came away with practical insights that will help me to be more effective in my marketing.'

— Joanne Roach, author, on Understanding Your Ideal Teacher-customer

Turn your school-visit web page into a page that will attract teachers and engage them with your offers so that they are excited and eager to learn more about you, your books and your visits.

Please read the group coaching agreement here before purchasing this workshop. 


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Isobel Kent
Isobel Kent

I am an editor and proofreader of books for children and I teach children's authors how to get their books into UK schools. As a former school librarian and governors' clerk, I know what teachers want and need in the classroom, where they look and how to unlock the budget for books and school visits. 

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