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This is a practical ‘non medical’ day for front line  practitioners working with children and young people with serious attachment issues arising from loss, trauma and abuse. We look at what Psychology may help us in our understanding of children who have faced issues with love and attachment. Splitting, handling projected feelings, constancy and permanence are explored.

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Meeting emotional needs
Behaviour and Relationships
Teaching and Learning


This is a practical ‘non medical’ day for front line  practitioners working with children and young people with serious attachment issues arising from loss, trauma and abuse.

Drawing from the international research and literature and our own experience over many years as educational psychologists of the challenges of children with major social and emotional needs, we will explore together what the best practice can and could look like. We explore the language of attachment and outline very practical classroom strategies.

We look at what Psychology may help us in our understanding of children who have faced issues with love and attachment. We explore the feelings of being on a desolate island of relational poverty or to imagine swimming with sharks.

We  explore the themes of violence, anxiety and experience of being a victim as young people grow older. We look at telling lies and explore how we can respectfully understand this.

We reveal the new and innovative compass of vulnerability – the cognitive errors to which some are much more vulnerable. We look at triggers, self regulation and unpack a range of strategies. 

Transference and counter transference are examined along with splitting, handling projected feelings, constancy and permanence. We explore what young people with these difficulties really need from us.

We also spend time looking at the emotional impact on practitioners working with children with such needs and what helps at an personal and team level.

We can all do something – we do not have to wait for expert therapists to arrive! 


Very moving presentation

I will always try and think behind the behaviour now

It had a huge impact on all levels

We all seem to need it

Belonging and feelings are so important

Very user friendly


Learning Objectives

  1. Increased confidence regarding developing inclusive practice for children with serious attachment needs in mainstream schools
  2. Simple understandable explanation of attachment understood
  3. Access to a wider range of practical strategies to impact on social and behavioural needs
  4. Deeper understanding of core values surrounding inclusion of emotionally disabled children
  5. Opportunity to reflect on professional attitudes and behaviour towards parents and pupils with complex emotional needs
  6. New skills, scripts and processes to make inclusion successful

Who Is It For ?

  • Practitioners working in schools and other settings with children and young people of all ages
  • Key workers
  • Teaching Assistants with support roles
  • Heads and deputies
  • SENCOs
  • Advanced skills teachers
  • Primary and secondary classroom teachers
  • Parents
  • Local authority support services

Course Content

The course explores the questions :

  • How can we start to develop an understanding of children with attachment needs?
  • What is the true impact of loss, trauma and abuse?
  • What else can we do to go about including high profile children or young people with challenging emotional needs?
  • What useful psychological constructs can we use to guide us?

This course also explores practical strategies and language for key adults rebuilding relationships with individual pupils.

This is a participative day that aims to be explorative and practical. Opportunities to develop empathy with the children of concern will be created.


  • Delivered Online or In-Person

  • Delivered at your location

  • UK Wide

  • Full day

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