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Hello, we are Elane and Sarah, Co-Founders of I Am In Print. We’ve known each other since our first day of secondary school – when Sarah was forced to sit next to Elane and hasn’t been able to get rid of her since.

Keen life explorers we’ve shared numerous adventures, including backpacking around Australia, driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco and getting lost in Hong Kong. Despite often living in different continents we have always managed to meet halfway and have run up many a phone bill.

In 2014 we set ourselves the challenge to co-write a book and spent many hours developing plots and characters.  The idea for I Am In Print bumped into us in 2018; we wanted a community to unite all writers, published and unpublished, and increase access to top agents and publishers. Broadcasts came first. Then we became the first to host online feedback sessions. We call them #Agent121 - an opportunity to meet an agent onscreen for advice on your submission package. In-person events began, then online publishing and writing days. And in 2022 we became Directors of our own I Am Writing Festival. The year 2023 will prove exciting for us as we launch our own membership, The Writing Sphere, and not one, but two I Am Writing Festivals.

We’d love you to join our global Writing Sphere . . . let us help you shine the light on your writing. 

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