Complete Coding for Beginners (Exams Included)

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Complete Coding for Beginners (Exams Included)


If you’re looking to start a career in coding, but don’t know where to begin, this might be for you. This course is aimed at absolute beginners that have never done any coding before and are unsure of which programming language to focus on. The course is structured to allow you to choose a specific programming language to learn and ultimately a career path to choose. As an example, you have the opportunity to learn coding to build websites, analyse data, develop artificial intelligence, create databases, and build games, plus much more.
The languages to choose from include Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and C# (pronounced C-sharp).
Early on in the course, you’ll learn what coding is, what certain types of languages are used for, and the types of careers available through learning those languages. The focus then shifts to you. At this point, you’re asked a series of questions to help determine the best direction in the course for you. The answers you give effectively help to offer suggestions on the pace of the course for you, and the programming language to learn.

At any point in time, you can switch direction by choosing a different language to learn. You may find that you start off learning to code with the purpose of analysing data, only to find out that you want to develop websites instead, which may require you to shift to a different language. Another feature of the course is that you’re not confined to learning just one language. Although you can only choose one language to get certified in.

What coding languages can I choose from?
There are four languages you can choose to get certified in. You must choose only one. The choices are:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS
  • C#

What will I learn from this course?
By the end of the first few lessons, you’ll be able to understand programming, write basic code, grasp programming concepts, think like a programmer, understand the tools in coding, have a better idea of careers available in coding, and gain practical experience by creating portfolio-worthy projects. You’ll also have a better idea of what coding path you want to get certified in from the four choices: Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, and C#.
About the certifications
Hudson has teamed up with Knowledge Pillars (KP) to deliver the exam element of this course. Knowledge Pillars provides industry-leading certification exams aimed at coding students and industry professionals. Their online based coding exams assess a learner’s skills and knowledge gained during their course.

Upon passing their chosen exam (e.g. Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, or C#), the successful student will receive a globally recognised certification from Knowledge Pillars validating their skills. Coding certifications are highly sought after by potential employers, as they offer a unique credential reflecting a valid and in-demand unique skill set.
How long will it take me to complete this course?
Most beginners complete their foundation coding courses within 4-8 weeks, based on 10-15 hours of study per week. Following this, you should be able to complete your chosen specialisation courses (e.g. Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, C#) within 4-6 months and be ready to sit the final exam. Rest assured though, you have 12 months to complete your course and sit your exam.
What do I need?
Your course can be done from any where in the world. If you decide to move to a different city or even country, you can continue with the course from wherever you are. All you need is a device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, and an internet connection.


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  • Beginner level

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