French Cheese & French Wine Pairing Workshop

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French Cheese & French Wine Pairing Workshop


Pairing cheese with wine should be easy and fun, yet so many people become stressed at the idea of make a wine faux-pas. Yet the best part about pairing food with wine is the experimentation and delights at finding a pairing that YOU enjoy. And that's exactly what this pairing workshop is all about ... putting the theory behind food & wine pairing rules into practice and discovering which cheese matches which wine and why!

France is the home to some of the world's greatest cheeses and is famous for its diverse and interesting range of regional cheeses, at least 365 of them! 

A full selection of these renowned cheeses will be enjoyed in this classic tasting evening. We will be tasting at least 8 French classics including Brie de Meaux, Port Salut, Camembert, Comte, fresh Goat's cheese, Gruyere, Boursin, Roquefort, etc. A minimum of 8 cheeses will be paired with 5 classic wines from France proving a truly memorable tasting evening. We will also be serving jam, crackers and bread with the cheeses.

Indeed, each French cheese is carefully selected to be matched to a very specifically chosen French wine in order to enhance your overall wine & food experience.

Location: St James Tavern - Winchester


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