Cocktail-Making Workshop

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Cocktail-Making Workshop


We will not only share with you some of the fascinating history behind cocktail making, but we will also guide you through the making of 4 specially chosen cocktails. That's right, you will get to make the cocktails yourself. In addition to being a fun and relaxing interactive evening, you will also get to sip and enjoy your creations whilst we share fun anecdotes, tips and tricks that will help you impress your friends. The cocktails you will make have all been chosen to introduce you to the 4 main types of cocktail, built, shaken, stirred and topped. You will use all main spirits, from gin to bourbon, white and dark rums, vodka, cointreau ...

We are here to show you that, with a little bit of jargon busting and some sneaky tips, there is no reason why you can't be knocking up your own creations and wowing your friends and family! ;-)

This workshop is hands-on and very fun and thus perfect for both existing cocktail lovers or for those who want to learn about making them in a relaxed environment.

Location: Dolphin (Mercure) Hotel - Southampton


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