BALANCE for Parents and Guardians

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BALANCE for Parents and Guardians


BALANCE for Parents and Guardians is a comprehensive toolkit for parents, guardians and carers, to support the young people (12+ yrs) in your life through the stresses that are so often present within education. This course equips you with a range of techniques that can be introduced to young people, including developing a growth mindset, grounding techniques for the mind and body, and positive mental health strategies. With a focus on developing resilience and internal resources, all of the content has been developed in mind of the pressures that young people face.

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Course Content

  1. Introduction to BALANCE for Parents and Guardians
Module 1 - The Present Moment
  1. Introduction to the present moment
  2. Taking a moment
  3. Escaping the present
  4. Healthy distractions
  5. Benefits of being present
Module 2 - Mindset
  1. Introduction to Mindset
  2. Mindset definition
  3. The power of the mind
  4. Carol Dweck and mindset
  5. Fixed mindset
  6. Growth mindset
  7. Summary of mindsets
  8. Curiosity within learning
  9. The power of yet
  10. The joy of being a beginner
  11. Healthy competition
  12. Tests and exams
  13. Closed and open questions
  14. Final Scores
  15. Introduction to praise
  16. Fixed mindset praise
  17. Growth mindset praise
  18. Rewards
  19. Impacts of a growth mindset
Module 3 - Internal Resourcing
  1. Internal resourcing
  2. The first step
  3. Drawing the mind
  4. Using the pictures
  5. Let's look at some strategies
  6. Personal support team
  7. Pocket person or pet
  8. Trees
  9. Calm spaces
  10. The five senses
  11. Using the five senses
Module 4 - Mind and Body
  1. Introduction to mind and body
  2. Benefits
  3. Techniques
  4. Body scan
  5. Chest expansion
  6. Wet dog shake
  7. Feet and toes
  8. Little finger/thumb
  9. Worry time
  10. Clapping
  11. Breathing techniques
  12. Breath for people we care about
  13. Square breathing
  14. Minute breath
  15. Flower opening hands
  16. I'm so excited
  17. In, in out breath
  18. Reading list

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