ADHD Women Creative Tools to Declutter & Organise with ADHD

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ADHD Women Creative Tools to Declutter & Organise with ADHD


PAAC and IAOTH Accredited - How to Declutter & Organise with ADHD with ADHD and Executive Function Deficit

What you'll learn

  • How your brain wiring makes it much harder to part with your clutter
  • Decluttering tools that support your executive function deficit that work
  • What is stopping you from doing the things that "everyone" seems to do with ease.
  • How to get rid of your lifelong guilt and shame surrounding your clutter and mess
  • Simple, clear and liberating organising systems that scaffold your executive function deficits
  • Why you have been struggling mightily all your life to do the simple things that "everyone" seems to do with ease? And the answer is you are NOT lazy!
  • Why you can't become anyone else, only YOU!
  • How to work with your ADHD brain, and not against it to create the life that you want
  • All lectures taught by a certified ADHD Coach who has 20+ years of experience, who is an ADHD and is mum of 5 ADHD children
  • The course fee includes all the accompanying course pdfs, so you can absorb the knowledge with ease
  • This course is approved for 2 CEU PAAC credits
  • Option to Request IAOTH Accredited Certificate with Focus with Faigy Logo for minimal fee

This course includes:

  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 practice test
  • 2 articles
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


  • An open mind and willingness to try out new ideas


This course can be used in two ways:

  1. As as self-help resource for ADHD mums

  2. As a professional development course for certified ADHD coaches and Professional Organisers

ADHD Mums – you know how difficult it is to hold the many different parts of your life together. You know that traditional Productivity Tools, at best, do not work, and at worst backfire! You need specialist ADHD tools to support your ADHD life. You will find the answers that you have been searching for your entire life. The knowledge in this course is your gateway to your new understanding about your magnificence and your strengths.

ADHD Coaches & Professional Organisers - The knowledge in this course will give you great insight into how your ADHD clients think. It will help you understand their daily difficulties, and how you can help them at a grassroots level. You can easily transfer the core ideas presented in this course to many other areas in your ADHD clients' lives.


  • Knowledge about the science behind clutter overwhelm

  • Essential skills to face clutter and part with it for good

  • Essential skills to boost mental health & wellbeing

  • Essential tools to get daily focus and clarity

  • Essential tools for a balanced life

ADHD mums with ADHD children constantly live with the intense daily pressure of feeling they need to excel and constantly expecting to fail. They are tormented every day and live with crippling shame, intense guilt and anxiety. They constantly feel frazzled and unable to explain why their dumb ADHD brain that won’t focus, to those who need to know. It’s totally draining.


I have ADHD & I have 5 ADHD children. I live daily with lots of the internal and external struggles having ADHD can bring:

  • Constantly dissatisfied with achievements (lack of)

  • Difficulty with consistency and follow-through

  • Super hyper-focused on a goal or giving up very quickly

  • Intense shame and guilt

  • Hobbies and interests changing rapidly

  • Digital data in a cluttered mess

  • Complex family dynamics

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Piles of stuff everywhere

  • Time management difficulties


There is very little information regarding the Social Science behind ADHD. There is even less information on the nitty gritty, feet on the ground, how to live your life, moment to moment, with ADHD. There is almost no information about why the recommended ADHD skills work. My courses and ADHD resources fill this huge void.

As a Professional Organiser and ADHD Coach, I saw the huge changes that my clients created, and maintained, not just for one day, but for years. I realised that the simple ADHD truths and tools that I shared with my clients were actually profound wisdom.

I’ve invested years of my life to fill this gap so that ADHD mums like me could finally stop suffering and start creating the life they had only dreamt of till now!


“Faigy is fantastic. One of the best and most practical courses that I have watched on Udemy.”

Clyde Fisher UK

“Incredibly insightful and well-structured presenter.

I am so grateful for this course.”

Ann Kash

“Finally understanding my issues on how and why I am having problems with getting my life organized”

Michelle Lynn Parkovic-Bunting USA

“Lovely course very simple and useful to me.”

Bushra Alnoman


This course is approved for  2 PAAC CEU credits. PAAC is the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches, the gold standard for ADHD coach credentialing. If you are a PAAC certified ADHD coach, at the end of this course you will receive clear instructions how to log your 2 PAAC CEU credits.


This course is accredited with the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH.)

A standard certificate of completion will be downloadable when you have completed the course.

As a student of this course you will have the opportunity to upgrade your certificate and receive your IAOTH Accredited Certificate with the Focus with Faigy Logo at a low minimal cost of only £10.00. Clear instructions have been given at the end of the course.

The price for this course includes all the pdfs you need to  study this course.


There is always more to learn and grow. If you want to explore this subject on a deeper level you can:

  • Sign up for my courses on Udemy

  • Join my Patreon Channel, a unique support resource for ADHD coaches

  • Educate yourself via my books

  • Listen to my ADHD podcast

  • Watch me share ADHD insights from my personal life on YouTube

  • Join my FB group for ADHD Coaches

  • Sign up for 121 ADHD Coaching

All the above resources are available on my website focuswithfaigy.

Who this course is for:

  • Certified ADHD Coaches who want to get more CEUs for PAAC credentialing (soon to come)
  • ADHD mums who haven't got time to trawl through all the waffle on the internet and wants to get to the root of the matter asap
  • Professionals who want to understand their clients' ADHD at a deeper level so that they can help them long-term
  • Professional Organisers Specialising in ADHD who want to understand the ADHD brain on a on a deep level.
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their CV


  • On-Demand Course

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