Floorwork Foundations I

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Floorwork Foundations I


Floorwork Foundations I has been designed to lay out all the foundations of Floorwork - isolated moves, sequences, improv drills, transitions, acrobatics and much, much more!


A week by week, step by step approach to take your floorwork game to the next level

  • Chapter #1 - Floor-level
  • Chapter #2 - Squat-level
    • Week 2 - program and concepts
    • Warm-up #2
    • The backslide
    • The Au (cartwheel)
    • The x rolê
    • The C rolê
    • The S rolê
    • S role > 9090 back roll > TunnelFREE PREVIEW
    • Shoulder back roll > Side roll > Au > Back slide > Spiral
    • 9090 > Panda roll > C rolê
    • Tutorial - The Spiral
  • Chapter # 3 - Entering the floor
    • Week 3 - program and concepts
    • Warm-Up #3
    • The corta capim
    • The scoop
    • The R rolê
    • The horse slide
    • 9090 > S role > Cortacapim
    • Tunnel > 9090 > S rolê
    • C rolê > Horse slide
    • Sliding S rolê > Back slide > 9090
    • Exploration - Curious Limb
    • Improv - the squat gate
  • Chapter #4 - Approaching freestyle
    • Week 4 - program and concepts
    • Warm up 4
    • The dive
    • The opposite side shoulder roll
    • The J step
    • The reverse corta capim
    • The hooking tunnel
    • 9090 > Dive > J step > Corta Capim
    • Reverse corta capim > S rolê
    • Exploration - North Star
  • Chapter #5 - Building movement blocks
    • Week 5 - program and concepts
    • Warm-up #5
    • The front knee slide
    • Prehab - QDRs
    • Maquinho intro
    • Spiral > 9090 > Tunnel > Whip
    • Windscreen > R rolê > Corta capim
  • Show Content
    • Week 6 - program
    • Warm-up #6
    • Monkey crawls
    • QDR slides
    • The spinning shoulder roll
    • The Y
    • Knee sllide > Opposite shoulder
    • Opposite shoulder roll > Tunnel > J step
    • Half Au > QDR slide > Side roll > Y

What you get

  • The pillars of Floorwork

    In-depth study of technical concepts – efficiency, momentum, transitioning, weight management, spirals of motion, techniques of improvisation – to improve your flow.

  • An extensive library of moves

    50+ videos, including 25+ unique floorwork moves to increase your movement vocabulary and lay the foundations for sequencing and freestyling, 30+ sequences to integrate them and dozens of drills to learn to improve your flow.

  • Develop a well-rounded softness

    The strength, mobility and body awareness you will develop through this course can be used to sustain a standalone practice or complement your own, whether it is dance, movement, yoga, pole dance or aerials.

  • A support community

    Included in your course is lifetime access to a Facebook support private group where you can post your videos and get personalised feedback from more advanced students and myself!


  • Is it open to complete beginners with no experience in dance or acrobatics?

    Absolutely. It definitely is for people who don’t have any background in dance or circus! My aim as a teacher is precisely to make all these floorwork movements (and maybe even more importantly, the concepts that gluesthe movements together) accessible to everyone.

  • What do I need to follow this course?

    You will need access to some decent floor space. It can be your living room or one of the studios that are available in mainstream gyms, or even your garden if you live in a sunny country. A slidy wooden floor is really a plus. You will also need a body – and seek clearance with your GP if required.

  • How long are the training sessions?

    You can totally adapt the content of the program to your own needs – time constraints. 30 to 45 minutes is a good start to get the gist of every move, watch the tutorials and then practice, but if you can easily stretch your training sessions to 1.30 hour and more.

  • What is the difference between this and your Youtube Channel?

    My Youtube Channel gathers around 5 per cent of the whole movement terminology I have put together. Almost every tutorial you will get here is private and has been shot specifically for this course! Not to mention the feedback you get from me and the community as you progress along and the programming 🙂 My personal online coaching is a more thorough process. We Skype and talk about your needs, your goals and your timetable. I program 2 to 3 different sessions per week, and send you bespoke feedback videos, adjusting the program from one week to the other from the videos you sent me. It is more personal, more comprehensive, but also more expensive. This Facebook course is a happy compromise between learning on your own and my individual coaching


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Floorwork Academy
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