Become a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional Bundle

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Become a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional Bundle


Course Features
course imageup to 25 Participants
course imageLanguage: English
course imageReal time remote course: 5 days (6 1/2 hours each day)
course imageClassroom course: venue LSE 4 days
course imageHighly interactive with group work/presentations
course imageExclusive FBRH Templates
course imageExclusive SDG and Human Rights case studies
course imagePractical plan of action with each course
course imageCertificate of completion by GRI, IEMA and CPD

Become a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional Bundle

Trainer Simon Pitsillides
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GRI, IEMA & CPD Certified Course - Geared for busy professionals

This GRI, IEMA & CPD course is geared for busy professionals who want to understand how to proceed and create a 1st Class GRI Standards Sustainability Report and have a plan for immediate sustainability action without wasting time.

Combination of three certified courses

What will I learn?

Complete preparation for GRI Certification exam to become a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional.

In addition to learning how to prepare a first class GRI Standards Sustainability Report, you will learn:

  • how to define the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which you address using a recognised methodology
  • how SDGs can bring benefit to the organisation by aligning with objectives
  • GRI’s recommended methodology:
    • to clearly identify impacts on Human Rights and demonstrate that you have done your due diligence properly, and,
    • take action to prevent, mitigate, and account for how you address actual and potential negative impacts


  • investor and other key stakeholder needs
  • the Sustainable Development Goals
  • the EU Directive for Non-Financial Reporting
  • Stock Exchange ESG Rules
  • United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs
  • other frameworks /regulations

Learning Objectives

Course: Learn how to prepare a 1st Class GRI Sustainability Report

  • Explain the purpose and structure of the GRI Standards
  • Identify the key concepts and reporting principles for reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards
  • Describe the process for identifying impacts and determining material topics
  • Gain practical knowledge on
    • the application of the GRI Standards via local case studies and exercises
    • SDGs with case studies demonstrating practices by other organisations
    • reporting on human rights case studies demonstrating practices by other organisations

Course: Integrating the SDGs into your reporting process

  • Explain the relevance of the SDGs and the benefits of engaging with them
  • Describe how reporting contributes to sustainable development and achieving the SDGs
  • Discuss the current trends, challenges, and opportunities when reporting on the SDGs
  • Describe how to integrate the SDGs into the reporting processes outlined in GRI Standards 2021
  • Describe how to disclose the integration of sustainability considerations into your company strategy

Course: Reporting on human rights with GRI Standards 2021 Update

  • State the relevance of human rights and human rights transparency to business
  • Describe the key concepts in the GRI Standards as well as the process for identifying impacts and determining significant impacts (material topics) related to human rights
  • Discuss the disclosures related to human rights, including the requirements and guidance
  • Apply the human rights-related disclosures by analysing practical examples

Prior Knowledge

Good command of the English language.

Course programmes

Learn how to prepare a 1st Class GRI Sustainability Report
and take solid sustainability action

7:55 London time

Part 1. Introduction

1.1 Practical information

1.2 Learning objectives

PART 2 - Overview of the GRI Standards

2.1 Useful terminology

2.2 Sustainability reporting

2.3 Introduction to the GRI Standards

2.4 Structure of GRI Standards

Template to Start Reporting ASAP

2.5 How to use the GRI Standards

Address the SDGs, the EU Directive for non-financial reporting, other standards & frameworks and stock exchange rules

PART 3 - The GRI Standards

3.1 GRI 1: Foundation 2021

3.2 GRI 2: General Disclosures 2021

3.3 GRI 3: Material Topics 2021

3.4 GRI Sector Standards

3.5 GRI Topic Standards

PART 4 - Start your reporting process using the GRI Standards

4.1 How to apply the in-accordance requirements

4.2 How to apply the reporting principles

4.3 How to determine material topics

4.4 How to report general disclosures

4.5 How to report material topics

4.6 How to present reported information

PART 5 - Conclusion

5.1 Summary

5.2 What’s next?

11 Step FBRH Practical plan of action

14:30 London time

Integrating the SDGs into your reporting process

Course programme

7:55 London time – end 15:00

  1. Introduction to the SDGs and sustainability reporting
  2. The SDGs and sustainability reporting:
    trends, challenges, and opportunities
  3. Integrating the SDGs into sustainability reportingPractical insights and best practices
  4. Managing impacts and implementing change
  5. What’s next?
    FBRH plan of action: 4 steps to tackle SDGs andExclusive from FBRH
    bring benefit to the organisation

15:00 London time

Reporting on human rights with GRI Standards 2021 Update

Course programme

7:55 London time – end 15:00

  1. Introduction to human rights reporting
  2. Fundamentals of the GRI Standards
  3. Reporting expectations and disclosuresPractical insights and best practices
    for human rights set out in the GRI Standards
  4. FBRH plan of action: 6 Steps to tackle
    human rights and bring benefit
    to the organisationExclusive from FBRH

15:00 London time


  • On-Demand Course

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