Drug and Alcohol Awareness e Learning Course

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Drug and Alcohol Awareness e Learning Course


According to the NHS, in 2018 there were 1.3 million alcohol-induced hospital admissions in the UK, an 8% rise on the previous year. Meanwhile, drug-related mental and behavioural disorders caused 7,376 hospital admissions, with 18,053 people admitted for poisoning by drug misuse.

Alcohol and drugs affect performance, concentration and alertness, and also result in as many as 17 million lost working days every year, costing £6 billion in productivity. Make sure you are aware of the dangers and signs of drug and alcohol abuse by completing the Erudition e Learning Drug And Alcohol Awareness Course enabling you to protect your staff and your business.

On completion of this course, learners should be able to:
  • Describe the physical, psychological and sociological effects of alcohol
  • Name and identify illegal drugs, know their effects and recognise the health risks
  • Recognise the impact of drug and alcohol misuse on children
  • Describe the 5 outcomes the government aims for every child to achieve

Entry Requirements: There are no pre required qualifications to undertake this course.

Level: Intermediate

Time Required : One - Two hours

Accreditation: This course is CPD accredited

Certification: On Completion you can download a certificate as evidence of achievement


  • On-Demand Course

  • All levels

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