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A mentor aims to guide and facilitate your development through their own learned experience and knowledge. I have been a therapist for nearly 25 years and a human being for a few more. I don’t have answers. I am good at providing a safe space, actively listening, guiding conversations and wandering through ideas to encourage moments of insight to realise your own answers and perhaps some new questions

A mentoring session is a confidential and trusted space to focus on you. Some areas I explore with clients are lifestyle choices, habits around nutrition, relationship and development with respect to work, living with chronic conditions and finding ways to change your relationship with pain, fatigue, menopause, insomnia …; any list will fall short. There is a myth that we should be independent and able to do it all ourselves. It is a myth

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 'It's wonderful to be really listened to and to have what I have said reflected back to me ... I'm so much less anxious ... my skin and hair are no longer dry. Hair loss seems to have stopped! 
I don't jump between topics when talking, am much more stable in what I say'
- Ayurvedic Client

Mentoring allows you to commit time to develop your personal and professional practices and relationships. Ideally, it will increase awareness of your strengths and highlight areas for improvement. Ultimately this will encourage you to be healthy and enjoy life

I work within different traditions but the reality is I am one person so each tradition and my experience are present during any session. You may have an affinity to one tradition when looking at self-care and nourishment practices. We will start with a conversation guided by Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old philosophy; it remains relevant to all aspects of life. It gives a framework for how we live, work, play and digest everything that we experience and take in

We may decide to include aspects of Yoga a sister philosophy to Ayurveda, again with a long history. The Yoga Sutras is a philosophical text describing the nature of the mind and techniques to bring clarity, strength and flexibility to body, mind and spirit; this brings depth and awareness to the physical practice of yoga

It may be appropriate to look at different relaxation and healing techniques. Reiki is the practice of self development and mindfulness; a journey of realising our healthiest self. This in turn, impacts on our relationships with others and our environment

As part of your mentoring journey, we might decide it would be pertinent to explore bodywork and yoga to support the conversations and embody the process

Mentoring and supporting bodywork and yoga takes place in my room in Long Ashton. Or if you prefer, we can meet online. As we work together we might want to explore meeting in open space in nature

This is a longer term relationship. If you want to meet for a conversation to talk about mentoring we can do this online or face to face. Send me an email with some information and how you would prefer to meet and I will be in touch:

Ayurvedic Mentoring

(Sliding fee scale – what level of payment makes this accessible and
sustainable whilst honouring the commitment?)
Sliding Scale:
Ayurvedic Mentoring90 minutes @ £45 – £70
Ayurvedic Mentoring Follow-up60 minutes @ £40 – £55
Ayurvedic Mentoring Follow-up Plus (includes Reflexology / Reiki / Yoga)90 minutes @ £50 – £70
Ayurvedic Mentoring Follow-up PlusPlus (includes all Bodywork options / Yoga)105 minutes @
£60 – £80


  • Delivered In-Person

  • You travel to organiser or they travel to you

  • Bristol

  • 1 hour

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