Data Visualisation - Subscription

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Data Visualisation - Subscription


Thinking about learning more about the data you are using in your job and how to present this?
This course in Data Visualisation teaches how data is used to make decisions in an organisation and the importance of presenting accurate data in a way that enables decision-making to happen.

You will learn about data-driven decision making, data storing and analysis tools, data presentation tools and techniques and human and machine learning together.

Online, self-study, global access to study in any country

  • Study time: 30 hours
  • Gain Industry Skills
  • Gain New Skills in Technology and Business
  • No Coursework or Exam
  • Job and Career Support
  • Tutor support
  • Learn Online - Study at home or work
  • Content Aligned to SFIAPlus
    IT Industry Framework
  • Get a Duco Digital Training Certificate
  • Option to Upgrade to BCS Exam with Certificate
  • Affordable Monthly Subscription

This course is part of Duco Digital Training's subscription plan of BCS courses in technology and business subjects which you can study for an affordable monthly cost without the BCS exam and BCS certificate. 

If you decide you would like to upgrade any of the courses in your subscription for a BCS exam to get the professional certificate, contact us and pay the difference or buy the course on it's own which includes the cost of the exam, and the BCS certificate when you pass.

Data Visualisation - Subscription

Award Winning, Online, Self-Study


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