Data Protection Course - BCS Foundation

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Data Protection Course - BCS Foundation


Do you need a qualification in data protection or are you thinking about learning more about data protection for your organisation?

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection designed for those who need to have an understanding of data protection, and the GDPR in particular, to do their job and knowledge of data protection law would be effective in their role.

You will learn the knowledge of Data Protection and Privacy, Information Governance, risk and compliance, Data Management, Project Management, Directors/Senior Managers with Data Protection responsibilities, Legal and procurement, Marketing and Sales professionals, Information Security and IT and Human Resources.

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  • Study time: 23.5 hours
  • Gain Industry Skills
  • 12 months course access
  • Includes exam
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  • Globally Recognised BCS Certificate
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Data Protection Course - BCS Foundation

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection is a globally recognised professional qualification which will help develop your knowledge and understanding in these specific subjects:

Course Subjects You Learn

  • Demonstrate an awareness around personal data rights in the EU and the UK
  • Describe the territorial scope and jurisdiction of the UK GDPR (Article 3)
  • Define the key items of terminology
  • Describe data protection principles.
  • Explain the lawful basis to process Personal Data listed under (Article 6) of the UK GDPR
  • Describe the conditions permitted for processing special category data listed under Article 9 of UK GDPR
  • Identify the accountability obligations (Article 5 (2) and Article 24) UK GDPR
  • Describe the purpose of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) UK GDPR
  • Explain the process of conducting a DPIA (Article 35) UK GDPR and identify when risks arising from a DPIA may need prior consultation with the ICO (Article 36) UK GDPR
  • Identify the importance of keeping a record of processing activity (RoPA) (Article 30) UK GDPR. 
  • Outline the interplay with privacy notices (Article 13 & 14) UK GDPR
  • Demonstrate how to adopt a ‘data protection by design and by default’ approach (Article 25) UK GDPR. 
  • Identify suitable information security measures (Article 32) UK GDPR
  • Explain the designation, position and tasks of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) (Article 37 to 39) UK GDPR 
  • Explain the role of the DPO and compliance monitoring Identify the controller and processor obligations
  • Explain the principles of data transfers under UK GDPR and the impact of data transfers to and from the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Explain the key rights granted to individuals (Articles 12 to 17 and 21 to 22) UK GDPR. Specifically, the candidate will be required to explain data subject rights in relation to:
  • Express awareness of the role of ISAs under EU GDPR. (Article 57 & 58 EU GDPR)
  • Explain the role of the ICO Explain the obligation and requirements surrounding the reporting of personal data breaches (UK GDPR Articles 33 and 34)
  • Identify the powers of the ICO that can be imposed as a result of a data protection breach or data protection complaint (Article 58 UK GDPR)
  • Describe liabilities Identify the relationship between the UK GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and PECR in respect of marketing. (Email phone, SMS, in-app messaging, push notifications). 

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Recognised globally by corporations, academics and IT professionals, BCS is the British Computer Society, more commonly known as the Chartered Institute for IT.

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Data Protection Course - BCS Foundation

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