Artificial Intelligence - BCS Essentials Certificate

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Artificial Intelligence - BCS Essentials Certificate


Thinking about learning more about Artificial Intelligence?

The BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence teaches the general principles of Artificial Intelligence, an introduction to Machine Learning and understand it's potential implications and capabilities.

You will learn about human and artificial intelligence, the machine learning process, the different types of agents, the types of machine learning, the benefits, challenges and risks of a machine learning project, ethics in AI and the future of humans and machines in work.

This is a great course for any person or organisation who needs to gain familiarity about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning before they commence a project; helping ensure the project approach is correct and avoid the common and costly pitfalls of technology projects.

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Artificial Intelligence - BCS Essentials Certificate

The BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is a globally recognised professional qualification which will help develop your knowledge and understanding in these specific subjects:

Course Subjects You Learn

  • What is Human and Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Universal Design is essential for developing new Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions
  • Understanding how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be used to model the best of human behaviour
  • Learning the EU guidelines for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
  • What are the Asilomar Artificial Intelligence principles
  • Learn the technical and non-technical methods to assess trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
  • Discovering the opportunities Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions could bring to solve global problems
  • Learning what are the Machine Learning enablers
  • Understanding the skills needed for Machine Learning
  • What is Narrow (weak Artificial Intelligence)?
  • Visualising a schematic of Artificial Intelligence
  • Looking at real-world examples of Artificial Intelligence robots
  • Learning about multiple learning agents, the concepts of adversarial gaming, digital twinning and agent-based modelling.
  • How automation is different than Artificial Intelligence
  • Looking at robotic paradigms with examples
  • Challenges of creating robot mechanics
  • How to apply the benefits of Artificial Intelligence
  • Funding a Machine Learning project
  • How to build a Machine Learning toolbox including how we learn from data, the types of Machine Learning, an introduction to probability & statistics, an introduction to algebra and vector calculus, visualising data
  • Introducing neural networks
  • Discovering open source Machine Learning and robotic systems
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities of Machine Learning and human consciousness
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence.

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Who is BCS?

Recognised globally by corporations, academics and IT professionals, BCS is the British Computer Society, more commonly known as the Chartered Institute for IT.

They have over 60,000 members in 150 countries, and a wider community of business leaders, educators, practitioners and policy-makers all committed to their mission of leading the IT industry through its ethical challenges, to support the people who work in the industry, and to make IT good for society.
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Welcome to BCS Foundation in Artificial Intelligence

AI Essentials Course Syllabus0 PagesHow to Use This Course
02:18Reading List01:13
Optional Reading List00:19


Artificial & Human Intelligence: An Introduction & History

Welcome to Artificial & Human Intelligence: An Introduction & History00:28
What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?00:33
What Is Human Intelligence?00:25
IQ & EQ00:47
Aristotle & Artificial Intelligence00:35
The Scientific Method00:52
Timeline of AI & Machine Learning (ML)00:45
Industrial Revolutions01:04
Universal Design01:36
Real-World Example: How Google Designs Human-Centered AI ProductsMachines Learn From Data00:46
Tom Mitchell's Definition of Machine Learning00:34
A Human is More Than IQ & EQ00:36
Identifying Objects00:29
The Digital Human00:30
Human Brain Inspired AI 'Deep Learning' (DL)00:35


Examples of AI - Benefits, Challenges & Risks

Welcome to Examples of AI - Benefits, Challenges & Risks00:43
3 Steps/Components in Developing a Machine Learning Project00:28
Research and Development (R&D)00:51
Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Engineering00:34
Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Health Care and Social Care00:35
Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Logistics – Planning and Organisation00:29
Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Entertainment00:29
Benefits of Using AI and ML in Sales and Marketing00:31
Machine Learning Enabler – Internet of Things – Big Data00:29
OCR - Optical Character Recognition00:39
Machine Learning Enabler – Cloud High Performance Computing (HPC)00:49
Machine Learning Enabler – Deep Learning Artificial Neural Networks00:39
Machine Learning Enabler – Deep Reinforcement Learning00:32
Funding for Machine Learning Projects00:27
Machine Learning Classification Examples00:46
What Humans and Machines Do Well (subjective)00:23
Humans and Machines Working Together00:45
Machine Learning Challenges and Risks01:51

An Introduction to Machine Learning (Part 1)

Welcome to An Introduction to Machine Learning (Part 1)00:28
Tom Mitchell's Definition of Machine Learning00:40
Engineers Build Models Everyday00:41
Schematic of Artificial Intelligence00:26
Features of an Agent00:37
Types of an Agent01:08
Russell and Norviq - A General Learning Agent00:08
Agent Structure – Architecture and Program00:20
Typical Agent Functionality00:23
We Assume Agents Have the Following00:37
State of the Agent World01:11
Agent-Based Modelling00:34
4 Types of Machine Learning01:08

An Introduction to Machine Learning (Part 2)

Welcome to An Introduction to Machine Learning (Part 2)00:25
Batch and Offline Learning00:14
Online Learning00:24
Instance Based and Model Based Learning00:26
Machine Learning is Multi-Disciplinary00:30
Machine Learning - Good Data and Algorithms00:55
Overfitting, Underfitting01:37

The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Human and Machine Together

Welcome to The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Human and Machine Together00:25
Humans and Machines Working Together (further reading)00:35
Ethics - Challenge00:36
EPSRC Robotics Guidelines00:37
Ethics in AI00:29
Super AI - Consciousness00:41
Human Roles01:17
How Humans Complement Machines00:23
How AI Enhances Humans00:35
Future of Life – Asilomar AI Principles00:51

Exam Preparation and Sample Test Paper

Preparation for the exam02:22
Specimen Exam Paper0 Pages
Specimen Answer Paper0 Pages

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Artificial Intelligence - BCS Essentials Certificate

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