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Danspirations - Dance Classes
Danspirations - Dance Classes
Danspirations - Dance Classes
Danspirations - Dance Classes
Danspirations - Dance Classes


Welcome to Danspirations!

 Whether it's for fun, friendship, fitness, or for your future, dancing is a great way to express yourself and grow. 

If you're looking for something fun and free, or something more technical and focused there's a dance class here for you.  We hope you will enjoy your time at our dance school!

An exciting and fresh dance school in Aberdeen, Scotland.



TIMETABLE (all dance classes are subject to change)


4.30pm -Competition Class


4.15pm - Mids Ballet

5pm - Mids Tap

5.45pm - Mids Modern Jazz

6.30pm - Adult Tap

7.30pm - FitSteps


9.30am - Baby Ballet

10am - Tiny Tap

10.30am - Preprimary/Primary Ballet

11.15am - Preprimary/Primary Tap

12noon - Preprimary/Primary Modern Jazz

12.45pm - Junior Ballet

1.30pm - Junior Tap


As the foundation to all styles of dance, ballet helps with good posture and alignment.  The classical syllabus will teach grace and poise, and will prove a wonderful difference to students balance and co-ordination.  From the youngest to the more advanced classes, it encourages discipline and focus which aids in learning the correct technique to progress.


Once a good base has been established, the teacher will advise each student when they are ready to go 'en pointe'. This is determined by each individuals own capability and everyone will progress differently.  It is important not to rush into this as there is much more strength involved and injuries may occur if pushed too far too soon. Dancing en pointe allows the dancer to expand on her knowledge and understanding whilst expanding on her technique and ability.


This class is a louder more free style of dancing which encourages rhythmical development and will really play a part in the progression of each students musicality.  Students will also learn how to incorporate light and shade into their performance using the dynamics of the music within their movements.


These dance classes cover a wide range of styles including musical theatre, pop, the old show tunes and the new up-to-date beats.  Either a more lyrical expressive piece or a stronger more dynamic one, it helps to develop a sense of style and individuality for each dancer, while improving on strength and flexibility.

Modern technique is focused on to teach the students how to expand, contract and release in a sense of self expression through the movement.  Jazz will help confidence building and style and each student will develop their own sense of performance and personality.


Highland dancing is a technique which promotes strength and stamina.

Dancing on the balls of the feet, it is energetic and disciplined.  There are set dances which people all over the world learn however in this class we will also include some Highland choreography to keep our class fresh and fun.


Fitness that is 'strictly' fun!

Learn some ballroom and latin steps you've seen on Strictly Come Dancing and get fit whilst you dance.  The dances are broken down into easily learned sections and each section is suitable for varying levels of difficulty. No partner is required, everyone dances alone.  There really is no excuse, this class is suitable for everyone!


Dance into your future together with a simple twirl or show-stopping routine! Every wedding is different and every dance should be too.

Whether you are looking for a few hints and tips to feel comfortable dancing on your big day, or if you are looking to surprise and impress your friends and family with something special we can work together to ensure you enjoy every minute!


  • Delivered Online

  • 1 hour

About Danspirations

Danspirations | Dance School | Aberdeen Welcome to Danspirations! Whether for fun, friendship, fitness or for your future, dance is a great way to express yourself and grow. If you're looking for something fun and free, or something more technical and focused, this dance school is the place for you. We hope you enjoy your time with us!
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