Beginner Ballet | 3 -4 years

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Beginner Ballet | 3 -4 years

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Dakoda’s Dance Academy, we offer a nurturing environment where preschool children can learn to express themselves through movement. We understand that children develop at different rates, which is why our classes are tailored to each child’s abilities. Our experienced and highly trained instructors have a passion for teaching and helping children reach their full potential. Our baby ballet classes focus on developing children’s coordination, balance, and strength, while also introducing them to the basics of ballet technique. We use props such as ribbons and scarves to help engage the children and make the classes fun, imaginative and interactive. Age-appropriate preschool music is also used Here are a few reasons why you should choose Dakoda's Dance Academy for your child's ballet classes 1. Highly Qualified Teachers: 2. Focus on Technique: 3. Small Class Sizes.


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  • Beginner level


Marlborough Primary School Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AP, United Kingdom, London

About Dakodas Dance Academy

Dakodas Dance Academy
Dakodas Dance Academy

At Dakoda’s Dance Academy in London, we offer a variety of in studio children’s dance classes & performing arts classes that are designed and structured to elevate your child’s skills and foster their passion for dance.

 Each class is carefully crafted to engage students with fun activities while teaching them fundamental techniques that will help them improve.                                        
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