Dog Training Theory and Preparation

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Dog Training Theory and Preparation
Dog Training Theory and Preparation


These modules are crucial to help you get the best from your dog.

These modules take you through how your dog learns both the information they come hard wired with and what they learn through experience.

We look at what you can use as rewards for your dog to motivate them.

How to prevent "treat in hand syndrome" where the dog will only listen if you bribe them.

How to start using the things in life the dog wants to get them to do what you want.


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Course Content

Dog Training Theory and Preparation
  1. Introduction
Genetic and Other Impacts on Learning
  1. Introduction
  2. Species Specific Behaviour - Video
  3. Species Specific Behaviour-Transcript
  4. Breed Specific Behaviour - Video 1
  5. Breed Specific Behaviour - Transcript
  6. Character Traits
  7. Non Genetic factors which may affect learning
  8. A Blank Slate
Learned Behaviours
  1. Introduction
  2. Learning Theory Basics
  3. Learning Theory in More Depth
Punishment and Why We Don't Use It
  1. What is Punishment?
  2. Effective Punishment
  3. When to use punishment
Motivation and Rewards
  1. Motivation and Rewards
  2. Food Rewards

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