Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Module 3

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Module 3



Every program of delivery from Blindvision will be tailor made to meet the Aims, Requirements and Objectives of the Client.

As we are working with an industry and sector of variable and changing Expectations, Cultures, Disabilities and Working Environments, the key to the success is creating a program of complete inclusion and promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (E, D & I) to fulfill personal and commercial ambitions.

  • Introduction to client (10am)

  • Open discussion with delegates focussing on what E, D & I is to themselves

  • Tea / Coffee Break

  • Mr Steve Cunningham to deliver his presentation on E, D & I including power point videos

  • Question and Answer Session

  • Lunch

  • Workshops

  • Summarise and discussion of program


The workshops are designed to create feedback from the delegates for the client. Collating this information will provide the client with the strengths, weaknesses and grey areas that E, D & I represent to each individual delegate.

This structure will then develop a platform and foundation for the client when creating and covering the appropriate needs and requirements for every employee regardless of:

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Race

  • Gender Reassignment

  • Religion

  • Sex

  • Marriage and Civil Partnership

  • Pregnancy and Maternity

  • Sexual Orientation


  • Delivered In-Person

  • All levels

About BLINDVISION (Steve Cunningham)

BLINDVISION (Steve Cunningham)
BLINDVISION (Steve Cunningham)

The Early Years
Steve has always loved sports and fast cars, boats and planes. A budding footballer, he dreamed of the day that he would captain his beloved Aston Villa, and then England at the World Cup.

But his world soon grew cloudy, and then disappeared. Confused and very lonely, Steve found himself totally, and irreversibly blind. He was 12 years old.

But Steve is a remarkable person. Offered the chance of selling matches on street corners, he took another path, and has spent his life breaking every barrier that stood in his way.

Breaking Barriers
A world junior sprinter, Steve went on to play for the England Blind Cricket team. He trained with Aston Villa, then fulfilled his lifelong ambition by leading his English blind football team to the World Cup.

Steve then set himself an audacious challenge: to become the fastest blind man on the planet. He powered to 2 world speed records on land and sea, then took to the air and found international media fame as the world’s first blind pilot. Steve does have one handicap in life: golf …he plays off 54.

The Inspiration
As an international speaker, Steve inspires & motivates businesses, organisations and the education sector both nationally and internationally with audiences of all ages. His deeply-moving story takes audiences on his journey from despair to success. His core message is that anyone can break barriers; that the path to true success is in your mind, and not your ability or environment.

A witty, humorous, entertaining and painfully-honest speaker, he makes people laugh and cry. A genuine man, Steve sees no disability in his total lack of sight, but takes pride in sharing true vision, which many sighted people fail to recognise.

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