Expressive Voice for Performance

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Expressive Voice for Performance


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 Immerse yourself in this series of 4 intense 90 minute sessions designed to help you to grow your expressive spoken voice clearly and joyfully - and safely.

We revise the basics for supporting the voice and keeping it healthy, then explore exercises and techniques for expanding range, flexibility and character creation. 

  • how to support and maintain a healthy voice
  • how to develop your vocal pitch and resonance ranges
  • how to be consistently clear — whatever your accent
  • how to engage your audience
  • how to do a 'cold read'


Flloyd Kennedy, actress/director/writer/voice-acting-accent coach, singer-songwriter, has worked and trained in Australia, UK, USA and Russia with some of the world’s renowned voice and acting teachers. Flloyd has over 40 years’ experience of performing and teaching, including E15 Acting School, RWCMD and Manchester School of Theatre.

Flloyd Kennedy is an experienced voice coach and performer, Associate Artist with Ira Seidenstein's International School for Acting and Creativity and a Certified Knight-Thompson teacher.

PS: Koalas have a limited range (as far as human ears can detect) but boy they know how to use it!


  • Delivered Online

  • Intermediate level

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about text?

    Yes, we will be working with text, once we've covered the basics of vocal care.

  • Do you teach kids?

    No. I work with anyone over the age of 16.

  • Do you teach accents

    I do.  But first, I make sure the participants have a good grasp on the basics of vocal production and maintenance. So Accents comes in the next course of 4 sessions.

  • Do you coach for voice overs?

    Of course. Same principles at the foundation, with some specific training for the mic.

About Being in Voice with Flloyd Kennedy

Being in Voice with Flloyd Kennedy
Being in Voice with Flloyd Kennedy

Flloyd Kennedy is an experienced actress, theatre maker and voice coach who has trained and worked in Australia, UK, USA, NZ and Russia with world renowned artists including Kristin Linklater (voice), Catherine Fitzmaurice, (voice) Valerie Galendiev (voice), Ira Seidenstein (clown mentor), Frankie Armstrong (folk singer) and Knight-Thompson Speechworks (accents and clear speech). Presently based in Liverpool, UK, she continues to practise as a live performer (film, tv, stage and performance poetry) and voice artist—particularly on her audio drama/comedy podcast "Am I Old Yet?".  

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