Accounting and Finance

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Accounting and Finance


If you want to follow your dream to be a successful accountant and become a crucial part of your company, this Accounting and Finance course is for you. Being a successful accountant is many peoples dream. But making this dream a reality is not child’s play. You have to be an expert in all the core materials of accounting and finance, be a leader or able to take charge, come up with realistic ideas that will bring in fortune to the company. Well, our Accounting and Finance course is here to teach you all of these.


Study the core materials and realistic and best result bringer tips and tricks with our well-made modules that is rich with well explained topics and necessary figures who make it more comprehensive to you. You will be versed in all the important stuffs about accounting and finance after you are done with our Accounting and Finance course. 


Learn financial statement, accounting process, cash and statement flows with top quality modules. This Accounting and Finance course will provide you the knowledges you need about this sector that will give you a huge confidence boost that will make you more competitive and active and thus making you a better accountant. So why wait? Collect our Accounting and Finance course today and give yourself an edge. 


Learning outcome:


  • Learn how transactions and trial balances work
  • Deepen your understanding of the role of Accountant
  • How to create a balance sheet and income statement, step-by-step
  • Learn the differences between assets and expenses
  • Learn how to calculate accruals and return on capital employed
  • Learn how accounts receivable works
  • Learn how to calculate return on capital


  • On-Demand Course

  • Intermediate level

Course Content

  1. Module 1 Introduction .odt
  2. Module 2 Financial Statements.odt
  3. Module 3 The Accounting Process.odt
  4. Module 4 Accounts and Other Receivable .odt
  5. Module 5 Cash and Statement of Cash Flows .odt
  6. Module 6 Stockholders Equity.odt
  7. Module 7 Specialized Journals.odt
  8. Module 8 Ratio Analysis.odt

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