Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop

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Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop
Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop
Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop
Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop
Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop
Art Craft Yoga - A Combined Life Drawing & Yoga Workshop


Enjoy the art of life drawing and yoga during this artistic relaxation class in London for beginners.

If like us, you find yourself having to choose between being healthy or creative, then this workshop is the perfect option for you. You'll enjoy a combination of relaxation, stretching, and the opportunity to artistically express yourself all at the same time. Not only that, but it's also something fun and different to enjoy with friends and like-minded people.

Life drawing and yoga go hand in hand as they are both therapeutic and tranquil. As you focus on the movements and techniques, that both life drawing and yoga provide, you leave your troubles behind.

In this combined workshop you will:

- Relax and stretch in a calm creative environment, whilst fellow guests observe the interesting shapes yoga can provide.

- Draw from observation of a live yoga model (your fellow guests) using yoga shapes to help you. It's all about shorter drawings and overcoming the 'fear of the blank page'!

- Feel refreshed, creative, and be able to take home a series of beautiful drawings.

No yoga or creative skills are needed, our friendly hosts will guide you step-by-step through the experience with demonstrations and examples and adapt to suit your personal needs. 

We will supply everything you need including a matt. But if you want to bring your own you can. Please wear comfortable clothes.

How will it work? 

For half the class you will be a yogi and for the other half of the class you will be an artist Everyone in the class will be modelling and drawing each other. On arrival you can decide whether you want to be the yogi or the artist first but either way you are going to experience both. 

Yoga: We've designed simple yoga poses most people can achieve and are perfect for drawing. Yogi Annie will take you through a series of stretching exercises for 35mins. She will demonstrate each pose, give you plenty of rest between movements and adapt the pose to suit your needs. 

Life drawing: You’ll be taken on a journey of drawing exercises with artist Klara. Whilst drawing the yogi models, for 35mins we will explore different tools such as pencil or charcoal and drawing techniques such as continuous line and blind drawing. These contemporary drawing exercises are perfect for beginners and accomplished artists we are here to support you with examples and demonstrations but you'll have creative freedom so you can be as abstract or as detailed as you like.

At the end of the class, we will do some constructive rest and exhibit our drawings and you’ll leave relaxed and stretched and feel creative & healthy and display your drawing at home. 

Supporting you on your journey:

Artist Klara revived her love of interpreting the human form 5 years ago, through the respected Dulwich Art Group. Over the last year she has taken on her first couple of commissions, and enjoys being part of the lively Instagram artist community as

Yogi Annie has been practicing yoga for 10yrs. She gained her training for Vinyasa Flow in 2018 and has since furthered her teaching skills with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Her own practice is with other teachers including Restorative & Iyengar which help with her teaching skills.


  • Delivered In-Person


Trinity Buoy Wharf - Container City 1, Studio 02, E14 0JW, United Kingdom, London

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