AR Krav Maga Self-defence Foundation Course

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AR Krav Maga Self-defence Foundation Course


Beginners Martial Arts Norwich

The AR Krav Maga Self-defence Foundation Course is perfect for absolute beginners who are looking to get into Krav Maga and learn Self-defence with other like-minded people. 

The course is designed for beginners with no real experience in Krav Maga or Martial Arts.  This course is for you if any of the following apply: 

  • You want to learn realistic and practical self-defence skills.
  • You want to improve your confidence in everyday situations.
  • Improve your fitness and make new friends.
  • You are about to travel overseas, go to Uni, or you are a loan worker and need upskilling.
  • You are just curious and want to know more.
  • Ultimately you wish to feel “Safer, Fitter, Smarter and be Always Ready”!

We run approximately three 8-week courses per year.

Each course is held on a Wednesday evening at our bespoke self-defence training centre here in Norwich. 


Imagine how it would feel to be confident when out with your family that if the worst was to happen you'd have options and know what to do? Or better still know how to avoid and deescalate any situation.  
Fitness: it's the perfect way to get fit and is varied and exciting enough to keep you interested. You're not performing the same routines down the gym, or on your own. You're learning and growing while being pushed by your training partners and instructors. You're literally getting fitter and growing in confidence without even thinking about it.

In just 8 weeks you'll start to feel Safer, Fitter, Smarter and Always Ready!

Your 8-week programme is structured and designed to get maximum results in minimum time.
Your Krav Maga instructor will teach you the fundamentals, theory, and practice of Krav Maga Self-defence. They will teach you how to avoid, prevent, de-escalate, move, create space, escape, and evade physical situations and if necessary, how to defend yourself against several common attacks.  You will also learn key elements of UK law in relation to self-defence.

Our unique methods of instruction simulate the stress of a real attack without compromising your safety.
The course will also help improve your fitness, coordination, and situational awareness, and reduce stress. You will also improve your overall sense of well-being, confidence, and mental health for sure, make friends, and have fun doing it.

Here is what you get!

  • 8-Weeks of Intensive Self-defence Training
  • FREE AR Krav Maga Club T-shirt
  • FREE access during the course to all our Fundamental Training Videos so you can revise and practice at home
  • FREE access to all our On-demand training videos (3-months worth of training)
  • A Certificate of completion at the end of the course


Those who complete the course will be offered 2-weeks of unlimited adult classes at our Norwich or Wymondham venue for FREE.

More details can be found on our website >here<.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Beginner level


6 Alston Road, NR6 5DS, United Kingdom, Norwich

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AR Krav Maga Self Defence Training
AR Krav Maga Self Defence Training
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