Foundations in Acting, Short Acting Course London - 5 Wk, Sundays

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Foundations in Acting, Short Acting Course London - 5 Wk, Sundays


Short intensive acting course comprising 25hrs of intense training.


Foundations in Acting is a Short Acting Course for new-comers to acting, Beginner Level actors and for people interested in studying acting with us.

The course is the start of your journey at the Actors Door Studio.

If you are seeking to further your training through the 2YR Drama Course, this well-rounded beginners course, is an option for entry.

“This course is an opportunity to challenge yourself and to discover your emotional truth.”


Beck Emotional Access Technique (BEAT): Learning to access powerful emotions directly

Scene Study: Applying techniques to help you bring out your emotions easily for text and script work

Screen Acting: On camera work, the first steps Each week students will work through acting exercises encouraging them to progressively step out of their comfort zone.

Through the cornerstone exercise of the Repetition Exercise students learn how to connect with their emotional instrument as well as with the other actor.

The course will encourage and train students to delve into their own emotional experiences.

“You need these skills to succeed as an actor!”

The skills you will begin to learn in Foundations are necessary for giving powerful, truthful and memorable performances on screen and stage.

You will learn practical acting skills that you can begin to apply almost immediately to your acting – as well as in your everyday life.

In addition to gaining practical hands-on skills, the course offers students a unique opportunity to meet and work with like-minded actors.


  • Delivered In-Person

  • Beginner level


Unit 4, Feather Mews, 91 Fieldgate Street, , E1 1DH, United Kingdom, London

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