Academic Profiling Test (APT)

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Academic Profiling Test (APT)


The Academic Profiling Test (APT) is an online assessment for students aged 6 to 16. It is designed for use with professional consultants and advisors, who can support your child's learning goals and aspirations. It might be used for finding gaps in their learning, identifying academic strengths or weaknesses, establishing their profile to assist in applying to a new school, or simply to get an independent idea of your child's progress.

Using a sophisticated adaptive assessment that can be taken at home at a time that suits you, APT is not like exams or entrance tests. It has been developed to be a low-stakes evaluative tool to help get a sense of what kind of thinking is easy, and what is more difficult. It adapts to the candidate's ability - if the questions are proving too hard, it'll select easier ones; likewise if it's too easy, it will push the candidate onto harder material. APT covers learning skills not knowledge, so there's no questions about the Battle of Hastings or British rivers. Instead, we'll cover literacy and numeracy, verbal and non-verbal problem solving, at a level that is appropriate for the candidate's year group in school.

If you are interesting in your child taking an APT, it'll likely be delivered through one of our accredited partner organisations. Get in touch with us today and we'll guide you to the most appropriate education organisation for your needs. 


  • Delivered Online

  • All levels

  • 1 hour

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About Academic Profiling Tests

Academic Profiling Tests
Academic Profiling Tests
The APT can be used to identify learning gaps, demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress, or even as familiarisation for other reasoning-type tests such as UKiset, ISEB Pretest or 11+ entrance exams.
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